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My mission is simple….to reveal the beauty and appeal of your home, with your help, your approval, and all on time and within budget. I do this by offering two services: Staging and Redesign. Staging is the term I use for preparing your home for sale, regardless of price or location. It sees your home through new eyes, recognizes the value of furnishings that are already there, and adds creative perspective to the rooms that are so familiar to you. Redesign is an affordable alternative to the traditional, and often pricey, interior design process. A redesigned home will reflect the personality, preferences and style of the homeowners.

Whether you need Staging or Redesign, I am committed to integrating existing furniture and accessories to present a brand new look. Rooms will feel more spacious, more soothing and visually more appealing. The “same old look” dilemma is eliminated. Multiple motifs can be blended into a complementary arrangement. Heirloom pieces are integrated with modern furnishings. In fact, redesign works whether furnishings are old or new, too much or too little, and with one style or an assortment of styles.

Your collections, memorabilia, and special accessories will be showcased to enhance your space – and you’ll feel relieved, knowing an experienced and well-practiced eye is pulling your room together. I hope you’ll enjoy your visit to the K K Staging website. If you would like help with your staging or redesign project, simply go to my Contact page to reach me.

KK Staging and Redesign, Inc. KK Staging and Redesign, Inc...revealing the beauty of your home